How to Get Rid of Silverfish
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How to Kill Silverfish & Get Rid of Them Forever

Silverfish have been around for over 400 million years, and have existed for such a long time that they have developed very strong immunities towards a lot of the poisons and bug control solutions most insects cannot survive.

So, I Won't Be Able to Kill Silverfish with Poison?
Yes, this means that you cannot kill silverfish with most bug poisons and because of the extremes their bodies can handle you will not be able to kill silverfish using conventional bug extermination methods.

The below video explains the best ways to kill silverfish:

How Can I Kill Silverfish Effectively?

For those of you who didn't watch the video or don't have time to watch the video, the following methods will help you get started with getting rid of silverfish:

Turn On Lights - Silverfish are nocturnal insects and therefore are scared of light sources. If you can keep lights on in the most active silverfish spots of your home, you will find the silverfish will not come out.

Keep Your House Clean - Not only will silverfish snack on the various clothes and paper products you leave on your floor, but they will also use the clutter as "safe zones" to hide incase a light comes on or a person or an animal walks into the room.

Lower Your Humidity - Silverfish need a high humidity habitat in order to stay healthy, which is why they are most commonly found in the places of your home which are the most damp. So by lowering your humidity, you will be able to make them start seeking a new home.

    Other Things to Consider with Killing Silverfish:

Silverfish don't die or leave when it gets cold, they live up to 2-8 when they find a home, they're not leaving anytime soon!
Silverfish are most active at night and can jump up to two feet into the air (that's high enough to get onto your bed!), unfortunately this means they are usually able to escape from most glue traps.
They can go up to a year without food , so removing all the things they eat in your basement won't effect them it just motivates them to start exploring more parts of your house.
Most silverfish go unnoticed unlike most bugs, you will rarely see all of the silverfish in your home. In fact, for every silverfish you do see, there's actually several times that amount elsewhere.
They live in thin cracks unlike other bugs you cannot corner silverfish, instead they'll just disappear in a small crack in your floor.
They have been around for 400 Million years , which probably is the reason why they are immune to most bug poison.
Silverfish eat things we surround ourselves with (paper, cardboard, glue) so unless you live in a glass house, you're not going to be able to remove their food sources.
They Are Immune To Nearly Every Bug Poison there's only one poison that can kill silverfish, but it is also lethal for pets and children (can you imagine spreading this stuff in every crack in your house safely...impossible!)

Need More Tips & Ways to Kill Silverfish

Because of the size limits of this page we were only able to give you a few methods to use to kill silverfish. To get the complete list including methods on how to trap silverfish, we recommend downloading our silverfish removal guide.

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  Get Rid of Silverfish

Get Rid of Silverfish

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