How to Get Rid of Silverfish
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Frequently Asked Questions

Can't Poison Get Rid of Silverfish?
Unfortunately, Silverfish have developed strong immunities against most poisons. The few poisons that do kill silverfish are so toxic that they can also kill young children and pets.

Won't Silverfish Simply Die Out When it Gets Colder?
No, silverfish can actually live to be seven years old. Because of their long lifespan they generally will not leave a home once they find one.

Will Silverfish Leave if I Remove their Food Source?
If you are able to remove all the paper, fabric, and drywall from your home you still won't have that good of a chance of getting rid of silverfish. Silverfish can actually go up to a year without food, so unless you can keep these items out of your home for a year or longer, don't expect it to get rid of the silverfish.

Are Silverfish Poisonous?
Luckily, silverfish are not poisonous and have not been known to harm people. However, they are still very gross and can cause mental frustration.

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  Get Rid of Silverfish

Get Rid of Silverfish

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