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Do Silverfish Bite

When people realize that they have silverfish inside their home one of the first things they think about is "can silverfish bite or harm me".

So, Can Silverfish Bite You?

There are many contradicting cases online where many people claim you cannot be bitten by silverfish while others say they have been bitten by silverfish. Fortunately, you can look at the anatomy of silverfish to determine if it is possible for them to bite. Long answer short - it is impossible for silverfish to be able to bite you.

Why It's Impossible for Silverfish to Bite

First off, silverfish do not have any claws, stingers or piercing body parts, nor do they contain any poison so the only way they could attack would be by using their mouth to pierce a person's skin.

Fortunately a silverfish's mouth is not only too small to bite a person, but it's also anatomically impossible for them to use their mouth to bite. A silverfish's mouth is hidden beneath their body and can only be used for chewing (not for piercing or biting).

In order for a person to feel a bug sting or bite the insect has to pierce our epidermis and get to our dermis layer so we can feel it. But because silverfish are so small and their mouth cannot pierce skin, it would be impossible for their bite to be felt by a person.

How Small Is A Silverfish's Mouth?

If you're still convinced that a silverfish can bite you, then take a look at the picture below to see just how small a silverfish's mouth is. If you look closely this is the size a silverfish's mouth would be when compared to a penny.

What If Someone Tells Me They've Been Bitten By A Silverfish?

Silverfish have never been known to transmit any type of disease or illness to people and they do not have any poison plus they cannot pierce the epidermis skin layer, so if someone was bitten a silverfish bug would not leave a mark. If a mark, bite, or blister appears it cannot be caused by the silverfish which means it was either misidentification (where the person thought the insect was a silverfish when it really wasn't) or the mark was caused by something else.

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Get Rid of Silverfish

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